Gaston Bachelard: An Elemental Reverie on the World's Stuff

Joanne H. Stroud, Ph.D

We are renewed when we follow Bachelard's instruction on how to read the world or how to read a poem. For all his inspiriting of matter, his enlivening of the world, there always remains a down-to-earth cast to his thoughts. Bachelard's contribution to the understanding of the imagination, indeed to the whole of consciousness, is measureless. - Joanne H. Stroud 

"Joanne Stroud Bilby's book on Bachelard is, you can bet on it, written by an enthusiast of the first order, and--in my view--enthusiasm is, along with his curiosity and illuminating intelligence, exactly the quality we most value in the work of the wonderful philosopher of surrealism. This is what imagination is about." - Mary Ann Caws Distinguished Professor of English, French, and Comparative Literature, Graduate School, CUNY, and author of The Surrealist Look: an Erotics of Encounter (MIT) and editor of Surrealism (Phaidon), Surrealist Love Poems (Tate Publishing), and Surrealist Painters and Poets (MIT).

Cover design by Suzanna Brown
Artwork by Margot McLean © 2004    
"Up Against the Wind",  17" x 11 1/2", mixed media on rag and rice paper.
Interior book by Eva Casey and Lee Nichol

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